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The Ocean School's Mission Statement

The Ocean School's Vision Statement

PS 197Q is a community in which parents, staff, and scholars are committed to, and share in the responsibilities of creating a positive and supportive learning environment that promotes the development of the whole child. We create experiences that prepare scholars to flourish and be critical thinkers. We nourish our scholars to be active participants in their learning, and to set goals for college and career readiness. We provide an educational environment that will motivate our scholars to become contributing members of society.

The Ocean School's Instructional Focus


we continue to engage our scholars in everyday writing and embedded academic vocabulary along with rich discussions through the Advanced Literacies Approach and the Culturally Relevant Sustaining Education Framework...

Our mission is to create a safe, nurturing, rigorous and equitable learning environment that is deeply rooted in collaborative commitment to children through dedicated teaching and leadership. This will foster our scholars to understand and respect the cultures, experiences and backgrounds of others.

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