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These are the elected student council members for our school year of 2021-2022


Reynold Appiagyei

"Hello Principal, staff, lovely teachers, and fellow scholars, 

               I am very happy to read my manifesto to you. I think I would be a good president because I have good leadership qualities. I show kindness everywhere I go. I also think I will be a good president because I am an active listener. For instance, when someone is talking, I show respect when they are speaking. I think a lot of kids are not understood. As president I will make sure no one feels left out and everyone feels involved. A big problem I noticed is that some students are being bullied. I will make sure everyone feels safe and happy by talking to students so, they don't feel the alone. I will put together a prize box of different sports equipment because I know a lot of kids really like sports and since some of them don't have the opportunity to get a ball at home, I want to provide them with that. I will make sure the school is moving forward and always swimming towards the core of success. Another thing I will do as president is listen to the concerns of students so, they have a voice in the school. It is important that the staff know what student needs and feels, so we can all swim to the core of success. I will also make sure that kids don’t feel like they are just learning by allowing students to use technology during lessons. Students should be having fun in school, so everyone loves learning. I will be a very professional president. Another thing I will do as president with the help of the principal and custodial staff is fix the bathrooms because, sometimes I go to the bathroom and I see toilet paper, paper towels everywhere and the toilets are not flushed, so I advise all scholars to please keep the bathrooms clean, so we have a sanitary and healthy bathroom. These are the reasons I think you should vote for me as the president of P.S. 197."

"Good afternoon, Ms. V, Mr. Richman, Teachers and students.

My name is Vanessa Martinez and I would like to represent you as the vice president for student government.

I would help our students at PS 197 the ocean school by making our school better even though it is the best school in Far Rockaway.

I would try to bring back fun games at recess like tennis, jump rope, more basketballs, and soccer with goals.

I would try to get more scary books, comic books, and graphic novels like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” for our class library.

I would want to make learning fun like making sure that every teacher uses games like kahoot, cards, splash math, and reading eggs every week.

My name is Vanessa Martinez and I want to make the best school in Far Rockaway even better."


Vanessa Martinez


Alisson Calderón


Good morning Mrs.V, Mr.Richman, staff and SCHOLARS!!!

My name is Alisson Calderón of class 3-305 and I am running for Student Council this year and I am here to ask you for your vote. I want to be your next student council secretary. The way I see it, as a member of the Student Council I will act as your voice to the school and have four main duties:

  1. Be a good listener and communicator

  2. Promote school spirit through kids helping kids

  3. Represent the students in our homeroom by getting to know your thoughts and ideas

  4. Report information from the council meetings back to our classroom

A few of the ways I plan to meet these duties are:

  1. Being always open and honest

  2. I’ll work my head off trying to help the school improve as well as the community itself by taking my duties as a student council member very seriously

  3. And finally, asking everyone to let me know your thoughts and ideas, whether it be by telling me before class, at lunch of even sending me a personal note.

All voices need to be heard!!!


I will represent all of you in the best possible way. I am a great role model. I want to make our school even better. I want to have clubs in the morning and during lunch time. Some clubs I think we should have are sport clubs like soccer, basketball, art club, iPad club, and even video game club.

I think school should be a place to learn and have fun. I also think that every class should go on field trips every month. I want to have Fun Friday every week and more fun days for us. I think we should have more gym and recess time. All of us can be positive leaders and if together we all behave, we can get it done. We are the BEST school in Far Rockaway. Remember when you vote. Alisson Calderón i your next student council treasurer."

"Hello scholars at PS197Q, The Ocean School, my name is Lucero Obando from class 2-213. I am so excited to tell you why you should vote for me for student council treasurer. I am a great role model for the scholars at The Ocean School. I am always willing to help my teachers and friends. I want to support my school and help others. I feel that I will be the best at this job, because I am respectful, reliable, friendly, and good in Math and Writing. I would like to start some new things here at The Ocean School such as Dress down Fridays with themes and color days, movie days before vacations, playdoh days and much more. So don’t forget to vote for Lucero Obando because I will do an amazing job."


Lucero Obando

Student Council Members

Picture coming soon...

President -  Reynold Appiagyei

Vice President - Vanessa Martinez

Secretary - Alisson Calderón

Treasurer - Lucero Obando


Saleenah Mack

Nicole Arguera, Kiara Pacheco

Yasaiah Kinard, Amy Aguilar

Noah Seda ,Allison Wright

Madison Alicea, Christian Daly

Micah Black, Jude English

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