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These are the elected student council members for our school year of 2021-2022


Ian Feliz

"Greeting Teachers and Students. My name is Ian Felix and I am currently running to be President of P.S. 197’s student council. I am the best candidate for this role because I strongly believe in supporting my fellow peers, teachers, and our school administration. I am a confident, kind, and overachieving candidate. I will share your ideas, interests, comments and concerns.

The matters that concern PS 197 and our school community are very important to me, which is why I am willing and ready to take the role as the person who decides what topics to address at student council meetings. Everyone who knows me knows that I am very responsible and trustworthy. I am a leader who is willing to keep all the officers involved in student council informed about council projects, extracurricular activities, and possible fundraisers."

A piece from Ian's speech.

"I think school should be a place where we can learn and have fun. I also think we should bring back fun Friday, swimming classes, and take field trips to a farm and zoo. In school, we should keep it clean, take care of each other, no bullying, help your friend to the nurse, include people, and never let anyone feel picked on.


All of us can be positive leaders and if we all behave, we can get it done. We are the best school in Far Rockaway. Remember me when you vote, Jazmin Castellon... your next student council Vice President."

A piece from Jazmin's speech


Jazmin Castellon


"I am a good candidate for the council position because I plan to make our days fun. I am a strong believer that students learn better, when they have fun. I learned this with my teacher Ms. Zapata.


I am Astrid, a proud Latina. I am a good listener. I am responsible. I am good at community care. If you vote for me, you will be voting for someone trustworthy, enthusiastic, and I am someone you can always count on. I will never give up on what will be fair for us."

A piece from Astrid's speech

Astrid Cruz

"I will work with the Student Council and ask Ms. V to add more trips and fun Friday activities. In addition, I want to help plan exciting activities for the week. I want you to have fun and learn by getting a good education.


Therefore, when you leave this school you can tell everyone that P.S. 197 is the best school in Far Rockaway."

A piece from Amy's speech


Amy Aguilar

Honorary Student Council Members

Picture coming soon...

President -  Mia Perez

Vice President - Eliane Ortiz

Secretary - Kameron Harris

Treasurer - Brianna Claros Hernandez


Kamari Harris

Chase McAllister

Adrian Peralta

Joshua Marinez

During our remote year these were the acting student council members and will assist this years members. We are also showcasing the runners.

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