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Streamlined Cabinet

I believe with every fiber of my being that each student in New York City is capable of academic and lifelong success, especially when they experience the power of phenomenal teachers and supportive school communities. I also know we have a lot of work to do. We must move with urgency and intention as we repair, refine, and build the systems that will elevate and support our students, especially students the system has historically failed: students of color, students living in poverty, students with special needs, and other marginalized groups.


To that end, it is essential to begin our work together by sharing the vision that will drive us toward a stronger, more equitable school system: that each and every one of our students graduates with a plan and a pathway to a rewarding career, long-term economic security, and equipped to be a positive force for change in our communities and our city. We will make a shared set of commitments to New York City students and families, providing students with bright starts — including high-quality early childhood support, reimagined academic experiences, and a focus on whole-child wellness — leading to bold futures: expanded and exciting postsecondary options for our graduates.


To help achieve this vision, I am excited to bring along a number of new team members who will serve in key roles within our organization. An immense amount of thought and deliberation has gone into assembling this team, who will work in close collaboration to bring about fundamental change for our students and families.


I am pleased to introduce key incoming leaders:

  • Daniel Weisberg will be serving as First Deputy Chancellor. 

  • Savita Bharadwa will be serving as Chief of Staff

  • Kenita D. Lloyd will be serving as Deputy Chancellor of Family and Community Engagement and External Affairs.

  • Carolyne Quintana will be serving as Deputy Chancellor of Teaching and Learning Opportunities.

  • Dr. Jawana Johnson will be serving as our Chief of School Culture, Climate and Well-Being.

  • Jade Grieve will be serving as Chief of Student Pathways within the Office of the First Deputy Chancellor

  • Karine Apollon will be serving as our Chief Diversity Officer within the Office of the First Deputy Chancellor.


Family Letter

Dear Families,

We hope you had a restful holiday and were able to spend time with your loved ones. As we welcome students back into our classrooms from a well-deserved winter break, our highest priority continues to be the health and safety of our students, families, and staff. To this end, we are putting additional health and safety measures in place to ensure students and staff are safe and that our schools can continue to be open.

The following updates were made in partnership with our City and State public health colleagues and are based on federal and scientific guidance.


Family Letter

Dear Families,

It’s an honor to serve with Mayor Eric Adams as I become your new Schools Chancellor—and to welcome your children back to school after their much-deserved winter break. The health and safety of our children, families, and staff is our highest priority. I hope you received the recent letter outlining the new health and safety measures we have put in place to ensure that your children remain safe and that our schools remain open. We continue to encourage families to get tested, get vaccinated, and consent to in-school testing.

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